It's a Whole New Year

2014 is here, and it's a year I didn't really think would ever come... It's the year I will have a book-shaped thing with my name on it sitting on a shelf somewhere. It's the year I go from being  a writer to an author.

Someone smarter than me once said begin as you mean to go on, so I'm starting this year by officially making this blog a thing. I'll be updating it fairly regularly with guest posts, interviews, and news about SWEET UNREST. I might even do some Query Critiques or other fun things for writers. And giveaways. LOTS of giveaways. I have two shelves full of 2014 ARCs that need homes, and I'm making it my job to set them free into the world.

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Because I want to send YOU a book :O)

Happy new year! And happy reading!