When I was in high school, I thought 30 would be the greatest age. I couldn't wait to get there.  (I know, I know...) I thought that by 30, my life as I'd planned it would finally be on course: stable and successful career (lawyer), family of my own, settled in a big city, and (most importantly) done with all the hard stuff.

What can I say? I was kind of an idiot.

When I actually turned 30, I was a million months pregnant, with more English degrees than are good for anyone, in the middle of the corn fields of Illinois, jobless, and pretty miserable. To be fair, I was mostly miserable because there is nothing pleasant about being a million months pregnant. But you get the point...

Luckily, all of that frustration pushed me to do something I might not have otherwise done. Scratch that--there's no way I would have done it if everything had gone according to my 16-year-old self's plan. But it didn't, and so, I wrote a novel.

Fast-forward five years, and things are very, very different in my life. We're living in a new place (a city I love). I have a great job (not a lawyer...thank goodness). Oh, yeah... and I have a book coming out!

This book:

It's kind of surreal. I'd say it was a dream come true, but I don't think I ever really dreamed quite this big.

It's kind of surreal. I'd say it was a dream come true, but I don't think I ever really dreamed quite this big.

I have SO much to be grateful for right now, and I want to celebrate!

September 1st is my birthday, but I want to give YOU the gift:

A $50 gift card to the bookseller of your choice!

How can you get this amazing gift? Well, I'm going to make it really easy for you...

All you have to do is pre-order OR request my book from your local library between now and when the book comes out: OCTOBER 8, 2014. 

Here's how the contest works:

1. Pre-Order SWEET UNREST from any retailer and send me proof of purchase:

You can click one of the links below to go to your favorite book retailer.


Barnes and Nobel


Flux Books

Just take a picture or screen cap of your receipt and send it to lisamaxwellbooks at gmail dot com with the subject line "Pre-Order Giveaway"


2. Request that your local library orders SWEET UNREST:  

All library systems have a place where you can request that the library orders a book for its collection. Most libraries will only let their local patrons request books, and I'd love to see SWEET UNREST in as many libraries as possible! Often, you can find the request form easily online. You can also go to your librarian and ask how to put in a request.

Here's all the information you might need to make your request:

Title: Sweet Unrest

Author: Maxwell, Lisa

Publisher: Flux

ISBN: 978073874812 

Paperback, $9.99

Reviews: Kirkus https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/lisa-maxwell/sweet-unrest/

Just take a screen cap of the request and send it along to me at lisamaxwellbooks at gmail dot com  with the subject line "Pre-Order Giveaway"

You can do both and enter twice if you want!

Now, I can only give out one gift card, but...

Everyone who enters will get a gift!

If you give me your address in the email, I'll send you a signed bookplate and bookmark, and possibly some other swag!

But Maybe You Don't Want SWEET UNREST?

I mean, it's possible you don't want to read a lushly dark and swoony paranormal YA that Kirkus called "a time-transcending romance" and School Library Journal said was "a well-written, spellbinding, and informative story that teen readers (and adults) are sure to snap up." I mean, maybe you don't like cute French boys with secrets or eerie Voodoo curses that kill. 

That's cool. I still want to give you a prize.

How about a box of books?

I hope I have a big enough box for them...

I hope I have a big enough box for them...

I have a ton of 2014 YA's that I'd love to give away to anyone who helps me spread the word about this contest. There's gotta be something in this pile you might like, right?

Thanks for helping me celebrate my 35th! And my first year as a published author!


Fine print: Giveaway for giftcard in US dollars. Available to US/Canada only. No purchase necessary to win. Box of books giveaway US only, please.