Clients and Testimonials

I have worked with clients ranging from first-time writers to USA Today and Amazon Best-selling authors. No matter what level you may be at, I guarantee that you'll be satisfied with my work.


"Lisa did an amazing job editing my book, IN LOVE AGAIN. As a former editor, I often know what is wrong with an early draft, but I don't have the distance or perspective to know how to fix the manuscript. Lisa was a fantastic developmental editor in terms of character development/motivation, sustaining tension in the plot, and overall consistency of voice and theme. She also helped with lots of minor pitfalls of mine like head hopping and phrase repetition. Lisa was wonderfully prompt, turning around the manuscript in record time, so I never worried about keeping to my publication schedule. Highly recommend!"

--Megan Mulry, USA Today Bestselling Author

"I have found Lisa quick, astute and honest. Her insight and editing was pivotal in getting my manuscript out and published.  A good editor can recognize a good story and make it sing. She is someone I’d do business with again in a heartbeat."

--M.V. Freeman, Author of Incandescent 


"Lisa is the person who sees what no one else will see.  I recently asked her to take a look at a manuscript that I knew had major issues and despite excellent advice from CPs and betas, their suggestions didn't feel like enough.  In two days, Lisa was able to read, comment thoughtfully, and write me a huge edit letter.  She identified the heart of why the manuscript didn't work and offered suggestions that felt like all the pieces were clicking into place.  She not only understands grammar, being a professor of English, but she really gets story.  She understand tension and stakes and character.  Lisa has helped me plot additional ideas and she isn't afraid to ask the hard questions.  She tells the truth, but in a professional, respectful and kind way. "

--Christina June, Author of Valedictions


"Lisa’s help with my query was invaluable.  We started by discussing several different formats and what would be appropriate for the genre I was writing.   Then through an easy back-and-forth during the draft stage, she taught me how to increase tension, pace, and voice in my query.  We looked at everything from descriptions to sentence structure.  When it was finished, I was so impressed that I wondered if my manuscript could actually live up to my query letter. I was fortunate to have Lisa help me edit my full manuscript.  She was able to make constructive comments while allowing me to maintain my own voice and style.   The scope of comments was broad, including everything from grammar and mechanics to character inconsistency, voice, tension, pacing, and dialogue.  After working with her on the manuscript, not only did I feel the quality of the work had increased exponentially, but I felt as if I were now able to catch and make the corrections on my own.  It was more than an edit, it was an education."-Amanda Kin


"In a handful of bullet points Lisa nailed my manuscript's trouble spots. She not only pinpointed exactly why things weren't feeling right, but also gave clear, concise guidance on how to smooth over the rough spots. Lisa did all of this while still nurturing my voice. I'm so grateful for her keen insights." --Julia Broadbooks


"Lisa edited my first book with Samhain Publishing, A LOVE WORTH BITING FOR.  She helped me grow as an author, and that is what I will be grateful for above everything else.  Lisa broke down what my story needed into broad suggestions, and reinforced that with hundreds of notes on my first draft. She answered my questions and responded promptly to every address I sent.  Lisa loved my characters too, and it showed in every pass of edits.  She saw who I imagined and took the trip with them to make the best "The End" that I could write. --Roxy Mews, Author of The Hart Clan Hybrid series


"Lisa is a joy to work with. She's responsive, professional, and has a strength for understanding your concerns and addressing them. She has a gift for seeing the 'big picture' of the story and helped me turn my manuscript from something good to something I am proud of. I'm happy that I connected with her and will most definitely be working with her on future projects." --Jane Lively


"Lisa got my manuscript query-ready. When I was feeling cross-eyed from reading and revising, she stepped in, found all my (hundreds) of comma mistakes. (Seriously, new nickname: Splice.) She was so specific in flagging things that seemed out of place or problematic. Not only did she find some plot things that no other reader had caught, she helped me figure out the perfect solution. If you want a straightforward, smart reader (who knows commas), Lisa is your gal. She spent ten minutes on my query letter and helped me improve it 100%." --Olivia Hinebaugh